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The Emperor is dead. The Empire is fractured

0 AYB. A lucky shot has obliterated the first Death Star, and with it, the threat it presented. However, unknown to the Rebel Alliance at the time, Emperor Palpatine had boarded the superweapon in order to observe the Rebel’s destruction on Yavin.

With his passing, Darth Vader effectively become the leader of the Empire. Various Imperial Moffs and military leaders, unwilling to work with the tyranical Sith, choose instead to defect to the Alliance, swelling their ranks with skilled soldiers and superior weapons. The galaxy is in a state of panic as the two factions slug away at each other with a ferocity not seen since the Clone Wars.

In the midst of the titanic war, a third faction emergaes from the Unknown Regions. Grand Admiral Mitth’rawn’nuruodo (Thrawn) has returned to the galaxy, finding he and his fleet in the cross-fire. Deeming both sides unworthy of ruling the Galaxy, Thrawn decides to establish his own government. His lofty goals rest squarely on the abilities and loyalty of his best men: Lambda Squad….

Home Page

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